Pro Bono General Info

In the years since the passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 and the Great Recession, the number of debtors participating in bankruptcy cases without the benefit of legal counsel have increased. The California Bankruptcy Forum recognizes the significant impact that this increase has had on the bankruptcy courts and the administration of justice. The CBF is committed to respond to this situation by supporting pro bono efforts of the various local Bankruptcy Forums and County Bar Associations throughout the state. The CBF reached a consensus that the organization and its members should assist various pro bono projects that support access to the bankruptcy courts in California. Its Pro Bono Project furthers the CBF’s purpose to “promote and enhance the value of the bankruptcy system and process in California” by increasing access for the indigent and assisting the courts by reducing limited court resources diverted for unrepresented bankruptcy filers and litigants. Some guidelines for the Project are:
  • A portion of the CBF’s Annual Conference fees and other voluntary contributions will provide for a special CBF Pro Bono Fund.
  • It is recognized that the local Bankruptcy Forum(s) are most familiar with each area’s needs and in the best position to identify organizations that can use the funds consistent with CBF’s Project.
  • The Funds shall be donated to a designated project, as determined after consultation with the local Bankruptcy Forum(s) that are hosting or are regionally supporting the CBF Annual Conference for that year.
  • The Funds will go to a non-profit organization that will assist prospective bankruptcy filers or litigants.
  • The CBF’s Vice-President will administer the Project, subject to CBF Board of Directors’ oversight.
Other statewide projects may develop as the Project is implemented and developed. Your assistance to support this important outreach to pro per filers and litigants in the bankruptcy system is needed and would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact the CBF, any of its officers or the Bankruptcy Forum in your local area to learn more about the Project and to contribute via the CBF website or the annual conference registration form. Thank you.